eTail Connect Spring 2021

24 - 25 February, 2021

Online (GMT)

Why we Sponsor eTail Connect

Yotpo provides brands with everything they need to win in a customer-centric world. Yotpo’s suite of integrated solutions for user-generated content marketing, loyalty, and referrals helps commerce companies accelerate growth by enabling advocacy and maximizing customer lifetime value.

We spoke to Yotpo to see why they sponsor eTail Connect Autumn

Who: Yotpo

Where: eTail Connect

When: September 2019

Benefits: Excellent way to get ahead of competitors and showcase products making the brand instantly recognizable.

“We decided to come back and sponsor at eTail Connect because of the experience we had last year. I was telling everyone how amazing it was, so I came back this year with more people. We go to lots of events, and eTail Connect seems to be the only solution that works for us. The delegates at eTail Connect are excellent.

The one to one meetings were fantastic, but I also think being able to meet other people really do impact all these sorts of things, that was really beneficial.”

“The organization of eTail Connect has been top class, the one thing that stood out to me was how attentive the team have been at making sure the right people were in the right place, and finding them and helping them out. That was genuinely world class. It was amazing. Really, really helpful.

eTail Connect has absolutely met our expectations, we have been getting a really good reception here. The attendee profiling was one of the biggest things for us, as it made lots of important meetings possible, and made reaching out to people that are attending easier. From all of the meetings we have had today we know a lot of them will turn into a good follow ups.

If you’d like to join Yotpo at eTail Connect then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved.