eTail Connect Spring 2018

March 06-March 07, 2018

Carden Park, Chester

+44 (0) 207 368 9465


“The eTail connect experience was really, largely helped by a carefully curated group of speakers, and a "speed dating" session with external vendors that did not feel like a chore, as these thing many times can be. The vendors were not pushing a hard sell, but rather trying to understand the level of maturity of the organisation and the possibility that it may find value in the vendor's product/service offering.”

SVP Digital marketing & eCommerce, Ralph Lauren

"To some degree it’s been a bit of a group therapy session in terms of the challenges and the issues that we’re all trying to solve. We’ve had the ability to actually make some good connections- that we’ll be able to follow up afterwards to actually go and delve deeper on the things that we’ve discussed here today. So as a networking opportunity, to meet people that can bring some solutions to some of the challenges I have, it’s been really useful."

Web and eCommerce Director EMEA, Lenovo

"I think the benefit of the format is that there aren’t a lot of powerpoint presentations. There’s a lot of sitting around a table, debating, talking about the issues in the channel and what each company is doing to try and get over those barriers."

Global SVP eCommerce, Unilever

"eTail Connect is a new highlight on the retail event calendar. The balance, the topics and the way the event is structured looks excellent."

Head of eCommerce Europe, Clarks

"The people, the meetings and the interactivity of eTail Connect make for a winning combination that will provide huge value to participants that would be difficult to get elsewhere."

Head of Omnichannel, B&Q

"eTail Connect provides a perfect place to meet both suppliers and senior level peers. The personalised agenda of content, networking and meetings allows you to tailor your experience and make it absolutely relevant and time efficient."

Trading Director for Grocery Home Shopping, Tesco

"Good mix of people and sessions and not overly salesy (sponsors did not push their solutions down our throats). Great venue, food and drink. Thanks!"

Anthropologie EU, Head of eCommerce

“eTail Connect is a great opportunity to meet people from various industries and share experiences about selling online/offline. One of the very few occasions to get in touch with such a variety of backgrounds. Should definitely put it in the calendar!”

CEO, Brille24

“eTail Connect provides a unique opportunity to commune with industry peers and other ecommerce leaders. The think tank roundtables and discursive content lead to great conversations and unexpected avenues of exploration.”

Head of Innovation Culture, Tesco PLC.

“Connect provides a great opportunity to hear some top class speakers on a transformative agenda. It was so useful to meet with Digital Pioneers and share ideas and experiences.”

Web & Multichannel Development, Waitrose

"I think that the event is exciting because it’s completely peer led. You’re sitting with 80 odd of your direct peers- Directors and Heads of Department, who are facing exactly the same challenges as you. So you get a sense of not being alone in your problems, but also a great view of what a broad selection of your peers in different verticals are doing to overcome those challenges."

Head of eCommerce, Hobbycraft