Why we Sponsor eTail Connect

Stuart is the leading on-demand solution powering the way goods are transported in a customised way. They connect businesses across all industries and of all sizes to high quality independent couriers to offer customised delivery solutions to wow their end customers.

We spoke to Nicole Mazza, Commercial Director at Stuart to find out why they partner with eTail Connect.

Who: Stuart

Where: eTail Connect Spring

When: February 2020

What: Exhibition Stand

Benefits: Outstanding method to make your brand completely identifiable and overtake competitors by showcasing products.


The quality of the delegates onsite have been great for us. There was a really good turnout of retailers. The key stakeholders that we talk to were present ones like logistics or e-Commerce or commercial directors, that's always great to have your target audience onsite.

Some of the specific elements of the event we found particularly useful were: fact that you create breakouts, the 1-1 meetings and that you bring people here to our stands, that’s key.

We’ve been promoting our services and it’s been really well received. It’s the second time we've partnered with eTail Connect and yet again it has met our expectations.


The pre-event profiling helped us prepare for our 1-1- meetings. We had 7 meetings booked and we had 8 meetings overall. And we think that 90% of them will lead to a good follow up.

We plan on attending more eTail Connects, we’re already partnered with the September event. We’re looking forward to more 1-1 meetings, the more we have the better. It’s great to have the face-to-face time with our target audience.

eTail Connect has definitely become an event that we need to partner with, and I would recommend it to colleagues.

eTail Connect it far too good to recommend to our competitors.