Why we Sponsor eTail Connect

We spoke to John Ludgate, Account Executive at Fit Analytics to see why they partner with eTail Connect Spring.

Who: Fit Analytics

Where: eTail Connect

When: February 2020

What: Exhibition Stand

Benefits: Excellent way to get ahead of competitors and showcase products making the brand instantly recognizable.


This is our second time partnering with eTail Connect, we’re here again because we had such a positive outcome from last year. We found what we were looking for from this type of event. Like re-engaging current prospects and accelerating our pipeline.

We partner with eTail Connect for a few reasons. Onsite we get great opportunities for brand awareness. But it’s also very interesting to see what other vendors are doing and what the retailers are looking for relevant to their 2020 strategies. Seeing how that compared to last year was quite insightful as well.

The quality of delegates on site for us has been really good, it’s one of the few opportunities we get to meet some of our target prospects. It's a real benefit for us, because we don't get the opportunity anywhere else.


The attendee profiling we received before the event was really useful, we were able to pre-plan for each individual meeting. It was fantastic to have a chance to understand what the attendees were looking for and strategise prior to the meetings.

This year’s event has been very valuable for us, the 1-1 meetings and the match-making alone is something to bring us back again and again. It’s really the key for us. We had 9 1-1 meetings and I’d say a third of them are going to lead to follow ups, I’d take that any day.

The event was great for us outside the meetings too, it’s great to hear the keynotes, they're very informative, hearing what the delegates are saying from a retail standpoint and also a 2020 standpoint.

The networking was even better than last year, the pre-drinks on the Monday, and then the networking on the Tuesday prior to the meal were fantastic. But the meal itself was very insightful with the speaker this year

I’d definitely recommend eTail Connect to a colleague, it has become an event that’s important for us to partner with.

eTail Connect it far too good to recommend to our competitors.